Care and Cleaning of NCOs – ICAF, 1966-1967

Colonel-Retired John M. Collins produced The Care and Cleaning of NCOs when he was a student at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in 1966-67. It catalogs many ills that the Army corrected long ago. Army magazine serialized slightly updated and sanitized chapters starting with the January 1972 issue, when “Depression Army” was its cover story. Follow-ups out of sequence were “World War II NCOs,” February 2005; “The Trials and Tribulations of Korean War NCOs,” February 2003; and “Basic Combat Training: Flashbacks and Forecasts,” August 2004. A lengthy Letter to the Editor reviewed NCO education in February 2005.

Made available online courtesy John Collins, COL, USA, Retired

Care and Cleaning of NCOs – By Col. John Collins

Table of Contents and Preface

The Setting

Part I – Ancient History

Part II – Middle Ages

Part III – Modern Times

Part IV – The Road Ahead



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