NCO Related Photographs

Topics and subjects often sought after and of interest to researchers seeking historical and background information on the US Army Noncommissioned Officer Corps.

Photographs- soldier aiming at target

Command Sergeant Major Francis J. Bennett – Sergeant First Class John W. Murphey (L), Secretary – Custodian, Noncommissioned Officers Open Mess, Fort Sheridan, greets Command Sergeant Major Francis J. Bennett (2d left), CSM, United States Continental Army Command. Escorting CSM Bennett to the luncheon held in his honor are: Command Sergeant Major Farrell C. Graham, (2d right) CSM, Fifth U.S. Army; and Command Sergeant Major D.J. Quinn (right), CSM, Fort Sheridan.

Civil War Rank insignia – Cavalry chevrons

CSM Cynthia Prithettthe first female command sergeant major of a sub-unified combatant command, prepares for a CNN interview in Kabul at Camp Eggers on Dec. 24, 2005.

Photos of actual historic enlisted chevrons and stripes

SMA Kenneth Preston Swearing In ceremony, Jan 14, 2004.

SMA Kenneth Preston, 13th SMA, Swearing In ceremony, Jan 14, 2004

Photo of Samuel Woodfill, proclaimed highest decorated doughboy in WWI

Two future SMAs (Wooldridge & Bainbridge) with Sgt Maj Ted Dobol in Vietnam

Gravestone, SGT Daniel Bissell, Third Badge of Military Merit awardee.

Carolyn James First female MSG (1SG) and first female SGM. Note 8th Army combat patch.

Yzetta Nelson First female CSM

Sergeant Joseph Holmes, Co. C, 320th Infantry near Bastogne, 1945

Rifle Squad, Co. G, 31st Infantry, Phillipines

Master Sgt Curtis G. Culin III, designer of the “Rhino” hedgerow cutter, WWII

Fort Jackson Drill Sergeant, circa early 1960s

First Sgt Leonard A. Funk Jr., Co C, 508th PIR recieves MOH from Pres. Truman

7th Army NCO Academy Inspection

Getting Ready to Report, 7th Army NCOA

7th Army NCO Academy crest

A Day in the Life of a Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant School at Ft McCoy

First class of the 3rd Armored Division NCO Academy in briefing, 1956

3rd Infantry NCO Academy sign

3rd Infantry NCO Academy building

4th AD NCO Academy graduating class of June 14 1958

Yearbook page 1, 4th AD NCOA 1958

Yearbook Page 2, 4th AD NCOA 1958

3rd Army NCO Academy 23 Oct 64

Welcome to the US Army, Ft Jackson

Work detail Ft Jackson 1940

8th Division Replacement Center field inspection of Company A, 13th Infantry — 1941

Pvt. Josie Rogers and PVT. Betty Slaton keep the calls coming through at the telephone switchboard at the U.S. Army Hospital, Fort Jackson, January 1951

Massed colors of the 8th Division pass in review on 26 April 1951 before a Congressional Committee that inspected Fort Jackson

Welcome to the Army Ft Jackson, circa 1964

Drill sergeant shows the proper way Ft Jackson, circa 1964

SSG Jerry Kirkpatrick, a 3d Brigade Committee Instructor, points out a target to Privates George Tatus and Robert Imhoff of Company A, 13th Battalion, at the M-60 Machine Gun Range cica 1965

WWI era North Carolina NCOs