NCO Historical Society

The NCO Historical Society

The purpose of the NCO Historical Society is to encourage study of the United States Army Noncommissioned Officer history and to make that information available to researchers, authors, and the general public. We will do this through the presentation of various articles, photographs and written material while highlighting the efforts of the noncommissioned officer corps. If you want to learn more or are willing to assist in this endeavor, please Contact Us.

We are an online, central repository allowing anyone free access to information and material relating to the US Army noncommissioned officer Corps. Though not a brick-and-mortar research center of library holdings, we seek to provide easy access for soldiers, historians, researchers or others seeking to learn more about the professional enlisted Corps of the United States Army.

Writing Competition & Awards

The NCO Historical Society will host writing awards program to recognize books and articles that have made a distinctive contribution to history of the US Army Noncommissioned Officer. Candidates are selected through our Call for Papers, these competitions are open to all. Each finalist is judged against the following four criteria: Significance to Noncommissioned Officer History, quality of writing (e.g. clarity, style and analysis), historical accuracy, and presentation (e.g. use of maps, photographs or other materials). The Distinguished Book and Article Award consists of a distinctive plaque and a nominal cash prize to the author. The winners are announced to the public at the Annual Meeting of the Army Historical Foundation in June of each year. For more information, please contact Dan Elder, Curator, at (254) 220-2310, email


The Society began as the Center for the Advanced Studies of the US Army Noncommissioned Officer which wass established on 26 May 2006 as a spin-off from the popular websites and, first started in 1997 as the NCO Website. From the earliest beginnings there was always a place on those sites dedicated to capturing and highlighting the history of the noncommissioned officer Corps. The sites were donated to the US Army in October 2005 to serve as the nucleolus of their professional forum effort as NCOnet, yet the NCO History portions were retained by Elder..

A new site sprang up in the resulting months that was to be dedicated completely to capturing, storing and making available historical documents on the NCO Corps. The curator (and volunteers) scour numerous sources collecting, rendering and posting documents to the Center via its online repository. This free site is part of the larger suite of websites developed and owned by TBSVet.