RFI: NCOER Form Numbers in the 1970s

Q: I am looking for the form number of the NCOER in the 70's.



I am looking for the form number of the NCOER in the 70’s. I remember it being a point rating with 125 being max. With the overhaul of NCOES in the 80s (if memory serves me correct), I remember the new NCOER was DA Form 2166. Any information you can provide on the old form is greatly appreciated.

NCOHS Response:

According to a Tech Memo from EREC at Ft Ben Harrison (Now HRC) in Mar 1976 the chronological listing of NCO Eval forms, they always were a 2166 number designation, but with some added dashes. A historical study of the NCO Eval report talk about some 1948 trial or test forms in the post-WWII era, it wasn’t until the 1958 creation of the “supergrades,” E-8 and E-9, that there were any formal NCO evaluations. It was mostly because of proficiency pay, and that evaluation process went away, and the evaluation report replaced it. Prior to the 1970s the sequence and forms were:

Commander’s Evaluation Report 2166 1-Oct-58
Commander’s Evaluation Report 2166 1-Apr-63
Enlisted Efficiency Report 2166 1-Apr-68

Up to the 1975 scrub of the eval cause changes, the form numbers were:

Enlisted Efficiency Report 2166-4 1-Jul-70
Enlisted Evaluation Report 2166-5 1-Oct-75
Senior Enlisted Evaluation Report 2166-5A 1-Oct-75

There were some form mods in 1979, but the numbers scheme was the same

Enlisted Evaluation Report 2166-5 1-Oct-79
Senior Enlisted Evaluation Report 2166-5A 1-Oct-79


Depending on your reference point of the 1980s, the report changed twice more:

Enlisted Evaluation Report 2166-6 1-Oct-81
NCO Evaluation Report 2166-7 1-Sep-87

And until a recent overhaul followed the original major changes of the 1987 report, since then they have seen renumbering as well:

NCO Evaluation Report 2166-8 1-Oct-01
NCO Evaluation Report 2166-8 1-Mar-06
NCO Evaluation Report 2166-8 1-Oct-11
NCO Evaluation Report (SGT) 2166-9-1 1-Nov-15
NCO Evaluation Report (SSG-MSG/1SG) 2166-9-2 1-Nov-15
NCO Evaluation Report (SGM/CSM) 2166-9-3 1-Nov-15


1971 report, the test 1973 version ,and the 1975 overhaul form

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