RFI: NCOER Form Numbers in the 1970s

A: According to a Tech Memo from EREC at Ft Ben Harrison (Now HRC) in Mar 1976 the chronological listing of NCO Eval forms, they always were a 2166 number designation, but with some added dashes. A historical study of the NCO Eval report talk about some 1948 trial or test forms in the post-WWII era, it wasn’t until the 1958 creation of the “supergrades,” E-8 and E-9, that there were any formal NCO evaluations. It was mostly because of proficiency pay, and that evaluation process went away, and the evaluation report replaced it.

Short History of the Specialist Rank

Specialist rank history

There was (and is today) difficulty in identifying noncommissioned officers who were leaders and those who were senior specialists. This caused concern among the combat NCOs of
the infantry and other arms. Also, in some cases, privates with specialties could earn more than certain regular noncommissioned officers.