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Chronology of Events relating to The 1989 Year of the NCO

989, the first Year of the NCO, was announced by Secretary of the Army John O. Marsh by memorandum entitled, The 1989 Army Theme: The NCO.


The Army Theme for 1989 announced by Hon. John O. Marsh: The Year of the NCO.

   (Jun 89) A7CO Leader Development: Task force releases results. Chief of Staff and SMA sign memo establishing NCOLDAP Action Plan.

  The NCO Leader Development Task Force action plan is published on June 1989 and aligned NCOES attendance to promotion: PLDC to sergeant, BNCOC with Staff Sergeant, ANCOC for sergeants first class, and the sergeants major course for sergeants major.

(Oct 89) PLDC tied to promotion to Sergeant.
In 1989, USASMA begins teaching the Command Sergeants Major Course, a one-week course for newly assigned CSMs.

SMC tied to promotion to CSM.

On Oct 1, 1989, PLDC became a prerequisite for promotion to SGT and the SMC tied to promotion to CSM.


(Oct 90) ANCOC graduation linked to promotion to SFC.
(Nov 90) Training Circular 22-6, The Army Noncommissioned Officer Guide published.
(Nov 90) SQT abolished. Self-development tests (SDT) replace SQT for SGT, SSG, & SFC.

NCO publications were introduced as Sergeants Business, then later NCO Call, then eventually The NCO Journal

 ANCOC graduation linked to promotion to SFC effective Oct 1990.

By 1990 there were nine active duty Noncommissioned Officer Academies in Europe.

Operations and Intelligence Course and Personnel and Logistics Course combined into Battle Staff Course.

(Spring) NCO Journal began publication.

Jan 1991, USASMA began instruction for the Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officers Course (BSNCOC). It combined the POIs of the former Operations and Intelligence Course (O&I) and the Personnel and Logistics (P&L) courses. (Functional course, not NCOES).

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