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The Year of the Noncommissioned Officer, 2009

In October 2008, Secretary of the Army Pete Geren announced that 2009 would be designated as "the Year of the Noncommissioned Officer."

In noting his gratitude and support for noncommissioned officers (NCO), Secretary Geren remarked that NCOs have provided invaluable service and continually proven their dedication and willingness to sacrifice. With our nation at war for seven years in Afghanistan and then Iraq, and the security environment more ambiguous than ever, our military is stretched thin and out of balance. We have a plan to restore balance by 2011 and to set the conditions for the future-- the NCO Corps is the key enabler to attain those objectives. The Year of the NCO is a time to
enhance the education, fitness, leadership and pride in service of our NCOs through programs that sustain and grow our NCO Corps, to recognize their leadership, commitment and courage, and to inform key audiences about the responsibilities and quality of service of our NCOs.

Support for Year of the NCO was oriented on three major axes:

Enhance: Enhance NCOs’ education, fitness, leadership development, and pride in service through implementation of programs and policies that sustain and grow our NCO Corps.

Recognize: Recognize the leadership, professionalism, commitment, courage and dedication of the NCO Corps.

• Inform: Inform and educate the American people, Congress, and government institutions of the roles, responsibilities and the quality service of our NCO Corps.

Nationally, the Army will focus on four distinct strategies: increase national level awareness/recognition of NCOs, tell the story through distinguished NCO alumni, conduct a campaign launch event, and engage blogs and other social networks. Regional/MACOM and installation-level programs will follow a similar strategy, but tailor it to their specific organization, mission and audience.



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